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Why us?

Experience = Competence

We have a combined 20 years of experience. We have represented thousands of companies facing challenges of conducting business abroad. We’ve learned from the mistakes we made in the first years of our practice when we were new in the business. We are better because of those mistakes, but more importantly, we’ve learned from our even greater number of successes. We know what we are doing and we do it well.

It’s Only About You

Our clients are number one. Period. We treat you and your case as we would if you were our own family member or friend.

Our reputation

Our “Authorized Economic Operator” status reflects the level of trust of state customs agencies, which in turn guarantees You the simplicity and the high speed of customs clearance procedures. The government trusts Us — so can You!

Real World Solutions

We live in the real world and so we know that not everything that is supposed to work in theory, works in practice. We offer the decisions that proved to be lucrative!

Custom Tailored Approach for Your Case

We understand that every deal is unique, with its own special features. We strive to help our clients to identify and avoid problems before they occur. Therefore, at your disposal will be a team of experienced professionals, that specialize in the area of Your business.